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ULMAA finally launched on 31st July 2010 by VC

ULMAA finally launched on 31st July 2010

Mission accomplished. Finally, the University of Liverpool Malaysia alumni have been able to get ULMAA registered with the Registrar of Societies of Malaysian government. It has been a long and winding road, and at long last our first mission of an alumni association supported by the University has been launched at KL Hilton on the 31st July 2010.

Special thanks to lawyer Amin who managed to get ULMAA registration approved in record short time, due to his special knowledge and skills from the University of Liverpool as well as his perseverance.

The Alumni Ambassador of Malaysia kicks start ULMAA, and endure the pain and stress of accepting what seems to be a mission impossible to make it happen. Like a typical team formation, it is unavoidable to go through the forming, storming, norming and performing stages. The Pro-tem Committee has done a great job to accomplish the first mission of the strategic plan.

ULMAA has been launched by the Vice Chancellor, Sir Howard Newby, of the University of Liverpool that hosted and sponsored the gala dinner for the occasion.

In the near future, the first official annual general meeting shall be convened for the members of the society in order to elect the first committee to carry out official functions in accordance with the constitution.

The second mission of the strategic plan shall be initiated once the first committee has been formed.

At the end of the day, it is teamwork that makes it possible to have an official alumni association after witnessing at least four previous attempts.


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