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Degree Ceremony & Alumni Re-union Dinner on 31st July 2010

See you at Hilton KL on the 31st of July 2010 for the Graduation Ceremony & Alumni Re-union Dinner

The grand function has now been confirmed on the 31st of July 2010 at Hilton KL. The Vice Chancellor of the University of Liverpool shall be hosting this prestigious event with a number of VIPs to join in the celebration.

Registration to attend the event is now open, so please register by visiting www.liv.ac.uk/alumni and clicking on ‘events’ on the left hand side. No payment is necessary at this stage, but obviously we would like alumni to sign up to attend as soon as possible. Your support is crucial to make this event a resounding success.

We are looking at 300 VIP’s, graduates, alumni, family and friends for the degree ceremony. This is the first time in the history of the University of Liverpool to have the degree ceremony in Malaysia itself. Fresh graduates may have the chance to have their degree ceremony in Malaysia so that relatives and friends can witness the graduation formally. Those alumni who have gone through the convocation in Liverpool may want to go through the ceremony in front of their children, grand children, relatives and friends just for the joy or fun of it. However, officially only one guest is allowed into the formal ceremony at this juncture.

As for the Alumni Re-union Dinner, we are looking at 600 or more people to make it a grand event since we are scheduled to launch ULMAA officially on that evening. It is history in the making as we work hard to finally get the alumni association off the ground with credible leadership of the Pro-tem Committee.

The University of Liverpool has many successful alumni in the world of business, academia, professionals, government, and politics. Some of them are CEO’s, Vice Chancellors, professors, medical experts and specialists, lecturers, professionals, civil servants and politicians.

The event is the special occasion for all the alumni to come together in the typical “Liverpudlian” spirit to re-connect with one another and formally join the network through ULMAA.

We are still in search of as many interesting and successful alumni as possible, and hopefully some of them will receive special recognition from the University.


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