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Degree Ceremony & Re-union Dinner postponed to 31st of July 2010

The postponement of the Reunion Dinner and Degree Ceremony from 15th of January 2010 to 31st of July 2010 is to allow ULMAA to be formally registered with the Registrar of Societies in Malaysia.

This will be the first time that fresh graduates of the University can have their degree ceremony in Malaysia so that more relatives and friends can participate in the celebration. The alumni who received their degree or degrees in absentia can now attend the ceremony as well so that relatives and friends can join the formal celebration.

Every effort is made to reach out to as many Malaysian alumni in the country or elsewhere in other parts of the world to come together for the first official event of the University of Liverpool in Malaysia. It is time to have a formal platform to network and connect with one another in the spirit of caring, sharing, helping one another in one way or the other, motivating one another, and above all else to maintain good relationship with the Alma Mater.

In view of the globalisation and liberalization, we cannot be living in an island alone, so it is good to come out of the comfort zone, and leverage with one another to make a better world.

The future is in our hands, and we need to do something not just for ourselves alone but for the society in general to make a more vibrant and responsible society. We may not be as wealthy as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and all the other richest people around the world, but we can contribute opinions, thinking, time, energy, knowledge, wisdom, or anything that can make the world a better place with peace, harmony, tolerance and better understanding of one another.

We need great leaders who can inspire and motivate others to learn how to live together for a better world. Teamwork is not easy to achieve if the leaders are not able to set the positive environment, platform, social network for others to participate in a positive spirit of leveraging with one another in order to synergise towards good future.

Let us all come together to cherish the good and bad times we had at the great University, as well as to move forward in tandem with good teamwork to help ourselves to be better and more competitive so that we can help the younger undergraduates and fresh graduates to be better prepared for the future challenges.

Rome is not built in a day! It is hard work to set up and maintain national alumni associations. Once these are set up then there is the ultimate goal of these bodies networking and leveraging with one another to provide the powerful global alumni organization eventually.

With global mobility of alumni and business ventures, it will be a wonderful vision of having a global body to connect with all the national associations with the aim of helping one another to grow in one way or the other.

Together we can make a better world.

Yan-Goh Ng, Ph.D.(Liverpool), B.Eng.(First Class Honours)(ESIM)

Malaysia Alumni Ambassador

The University of Liverpool

e-mail: ambma@liv.ac.uk


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