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University of Liverpool Graduation Ceremony and Dinner on the 15th January 2010 in Kuala Lumpur

The ceremony will be for any alumni who did not graduate in the University of Liverpool (UoL) in person, and also those who wish to process again (although priority would be given to those who did not attend their graduation ceremonies).

For the UoL alumni, please respond to the following questionnaire by 30th June 2009. Please pass it on to your relatives and friends who are UoL alumni

1) Did you attend in person your graduation ceremony in Liverpool or did you graduate in absentia?
2) Would a UoL graduation ceremony in Malaysia interest you (i.e. would you want to take part in a UoL graduation ceremony in Kuala Lumpur)?
3) Would you be prepared to pay for gown hire?
4) Would you be prepared to pay for a professional photograph as a keepsake?
5) Would you bring family members? If so, how many?
6) Would you attend a celebration dinner after the ceremony?
7) Would you be prepared to pay for a ticket to the celebration dinner? How much?

No doubt the event will be held in seven months’ time, it will be good to get as many alumni to confirm their intention to attend as soon as possible. We are working very hard to reach out to the 1,000 plus alumni in Malaysia to support ULMAA (University of Liverpool Malaysian Alumni Association).

ULMAA is constantly looking out for volunteers who can provide the inspiration and motivation to organize events and functions to keep the alumni social networking going. Ex-officio of the UoL Malaysian Students’ Society or Malaysian Students’ Societies Council (MPPM) are invited to help build the ULMAA network.

Let the spirit of UoL, be the guiding and binding force for a successful networking.


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