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Merry Christmas to all the Christian alumni

Merry Christmas to all the Christian Alumni

When I was studying at St. Andrew’s Secondary School, I was asked by the Catholic Father during the moral studies to read The Gospel according to St. Luke. I am a born and bred Buddhist (not to be confused with Taoist). It was not a problem to read the Gospel to the class, even though I was not a Catholic. It helps me a great deal in understanding Catholicism and quite a bit of the Old Testament. There were a couple of Muslims in the class who had to go for the Islamic studies instead.

Christmas had been a very challenging time for me during the University days, simply because that was probably the time when all the shops were closed and the best I could do is too cook instant noodles. If I were lucky maybe I would be visiting some of my Christian friends. The best part of Christmas is to dream for a white one that is rare in Liverpool for sure.

It is going to be an unusual Christmas this year because of the various global events and issues.

My Christmas wishes are as follows:

a) Together we can make the world to be a more peaceful and harmonious place to live in

b) Let there be no more war or aggression, as we can resolve issues amicably through negotiation, respect for one another, working together, understanding each other, and above all else understand that what goes around comes around

c) ULMAA can continue to gain momentum and continue to provide the platform to develop world class leaders, but not necessarily world famous

d) To give whatever we can in kind, in cash, in spirit or whatever so that the world becomes a better place

If ever the Father Christmas is around, let him bless all of us with happiness in spite of all the real world issues and problems. We do not need money to buy happiness.

As a practicing Buddhist, may I take this opportunity to wish all the Christian alumni a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart.


Yan-Goh Ng, Ph.D. (Liverpool) B.Eng.(Hons)(Liverpool)

International Alumni Ambassador for Malaysia




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