ULMAA (University of Liverpool Malaysia Alumni Association)

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Wanted: successful or interesting alumni

Successful or interesting alumni

As we get ULMAA going, it is good to identify successful or interesting alumni, so that they can provide the role model and basis in our quest to develop world-class leaders.

A world class leader is defined as a person who possesses the qualities of inspiration, motivation, role model, communication, writing, team work, strong characters, acceptable style, and the ability to attract admirers and supporters.

In politics, we have the exemplary leaders like Mohandas Gandhi and Franklin Roosevelt, and competent leaders like Mao Tsetung and Adolf Hitler.

In military science, we have the exemplary leaders like George Marshall and Colin Powell, and competent leaders like Douglas MacArthur and George Patton.

In business we have the exemplary leaders like Sam Walton and Jack Welch, and competent leaders like Henry Ford and Bill Gates.

Leaders can be born or developed. We can begin to identify current leaders and potential future leaders, so that they can become role models to help others achieve the dream or becoming a world class leader.

In the quest of identifying successful and interesting alumni, we have alumni in the filed of architecture, business, computing, engineering, law, management, politics, medicine, and others.

We may not have a Tung See Wah (Ex Governor) of Hong Kong or Ong Beng Teong (Ex President) of Singapore, but we may have a deputy minister, MP or whatever.

In the business and management, we have a number of successful or interesting entrepreneurs, CEO’s and corporate directors.

In the others fields, we have successful architects, engineers, lawyers, medical experts and others.

To provide the much needed inspiration and motivation to the existing and would-be alumni, a series of interviews shall be conducted on an on-going basis to make sure we can continue to have successful or interesting alumni.

A profile of a successful alumnus:

a) has a significant achievement in his profession

b) is known in the community as the subject matter leader or expert

c) has demonstrated selflessness and the ability to help improve the society

d) has the power to influence others to follow or change

e) is willing to share the experience, knowledge and wisdom with others

A typical profile of an interesting alumnus:

a) has made life interesting for others

b) is a star attraction in a community or gathering

c) is unorthodox

d) is unique

e) is happy go lucky

If you know of any successful or interesting alumnus please contact me at ambassador.Malaysia@liverpool.ac.uk so that I can begin the preparation for an interview with the person.

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