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ULMAA 2nd Protem Committee Meeting reminder

ULMAA 2nd Protem Committee Meeting Reminder

It is a long and winding road to get ULMAA up and running due to many issues along the way. The full committee shall be formed at the meeting on the 16th November 2008.

The delays in getting ULMAA going is not because of any of the following:

the 8th of March 2008 general election in Malaysia

the political tsunami that gave rise to the maturity of a two party system

the on-going court case on Altantuya murder

the sodomy case involving the Opposition Leader

the planned resignation of the Prime Minister in March 2009

the sudden rise and fall of the petroleum

There are enough alumni who have expressed their interest and commitment to serve on the Protem Committee, so that we can get going with the vision and missions of ULMAA.

We have to develop the spirit of voluntarism, enthusiasm, teamwork, openness, leveraging, synergy, and benevolence.

With the passionate Protem Committee, ULMAA can overcome all obstacles and issues to be the platform for connecting and networking the 1,000 over alumni in Malaysia. This 1000 plus alumni can be a force to be reckoned with. If each person can generously contribute, let say, RM1,000 a year to the educational scholarship and bursary, there is more than RM1 million available to help brilliant and deserving students to study at the University of Liverpool.

The Hong Kong Alumni Association has been pioneering a foundation that has helped many top scholars with financial assistance for their study at the University of Liverpool.

The donation is not mandatory but will be appreciated when the alumni is ready to give something back to the community.


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