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Get to know all gathering

The ULMAA Protem Committee will be organising a “Getting to know all” gathering on the 28th December 2008. This is to allow the committee to reach out to the 1000 plus Malaysian alumni for the purpose of networking and connection. It is time for the alumni to get the other alumni to co-operate, collaborate and share the vision and mission so that we can provide the leadership to as many people as possible. This is also a prelude to the grand re-union dinner scheduled for 2009.

With the multi-disciplinary representation of the ULMAA Protem Committee, it has a very important mission of ensuring successful execution after more than 30 years of false starts. The “never say die” and “can do” attitudes of the University of Liverpool alumni speak volume.

We are benchmarking against the sister alumni association in Hong Kong, to make sure that we can sincerely give something back to the society and community to develop world class leaders. Later on we can then benchmark against the Harvard Alumni Clubs, so that we can be competitive and provide the role model to the University of Liverpool alumni, undergraduates and would-be undergraduates.

It is a very important milestone in getting ULMAA off the ground, and the Protem Committee is in high spirit and motivated not just by creating the first working and fully committed leadership but also the ability to borrow the slogan from LFC “we’ll never walk alone!”

The next missions shall be to identify and interview the following:

a) successful alumni: an alumnus who has been able to use the University of Liverpool qualification/s to excel in his professional or business career or social/political achievements. Someone who may have achieved something great and yet to be recognized can also be a good target. A very successful one can then be recommended for award or recognition by the University of Liverpool.

b) interesting alumni: an alumnus who has been able to use the University of Liverpool qualification/s to make life or things interesting through a society, charitable organization, NGO or individual endeavours.

Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned:

Yan-Goh Ng, Ph.D. (Liverpool), B.Eng. (Hons) (Liverpool)

International Alumni Ambassador of Malaysia

e-mail: ambassador.Malaysia@liverpool.ac.uk



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