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East & South East Asia Alumni Society, University of Liverpool (ESEA-UoL)

Message from Eileen Wong, President & Founder of East and South East Asia Alumni Society, University of Liverpool (ESEA-UoL)

Dear Dr. Ng Yan Goh, I’d like to invite you to my professional network on LinkedIn. I am currently leading the formal University of Liverpool Online International East & South East Asian Alumni Society with 118 members doing the 100% online Masters programme plus 2 Advisors from Canada / HK and Malaysia. The members include those with their ethnic origin from the ESEA region , but relocated or migrated, expats under contract terms and locals. My objective is to create a bigger network to offer greater benefits to the UoL students and graduates. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Just to give a little info about my background and the alumni. I was originally a Malaysian and migrated to the UK although I have worked in HK for 12 years in the 80s. The ESEA-UoL has been formally accepted by UoL on 12 Dec 2007. I was running from 01 July, building the network in Googlegroup for mentoring and social purposes.
Currently, two members are building the website and e-newsletter. The first issue is attached and you or your members are welcomed to contribute any articles to the second issue. The date of release is at the end of May. I would love to put a link to your website blog. I have created ESEA allies to build a bigger network internationally for business, employment and relocation. I have just appointed a lawyer in China who works with other lawyers from Shanghai – they studied abroad in the UK and Sydney, Australia. As we are doing everything on a voluntary basis, things are expected to be slow. Surprisingly, we have achieved half of our objectives in our business plan and hope to get more support to achieve it on a bigger scale.
I am open to suggestions. If you think we have other ways of networking or publicity to bring up both alumni – publishing our network in your website or attaching the first issue of the News Bulletin in the blog, I am happy to go ahead. Besides, I have to find a Malaysian reporter to publish the Malaysian members’ academic achievements in ‘The Star’ for this summer graduation. Last Dec, our alumni has a MBA student who gained Distinction in her Masters and she is from PR China. However, we were not ready and it was a pity that we did not go ahead with the marketing of the alumni in China.
Anyway, please see attached for the first issue of our News Bulletin that was done with limited resources. I would appreciate if you will accept my LinkedIn network invitation.
Keep in touch.
Best Regards, Eileen Wong President / Founder of ESEA-UoL
Surrey, UK

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  1. Eileen

    I garduated from Liverpool Uni in 1991 and was involved in the Uni’s SEA Society. It was great as I made quite a few friends. Unfortunately over the years I lost contact with them. I would eb interested to find out more about the alumni.



    Comment by shique ismail | June 18, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi Shique,

    My dream is to create an international network to benefit all. Please access the website where we insert all the events and activities for the members. We also publish quarterly news bulletins. We are scheduled to publish the third issue at the end of September. If you wish to contribute to any articles regarding business, culture and studies, please feel free to contact me on eileenwpwong@yahoo.co.uk



    Comment by Eileen Wong (UK) | August 18, 2008 | Reply

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