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ULMAA – University of Liverpool Malaysian Alumni Association

ULMAA and the Meeting up with the representatives from The University of Liverpool


It was an interesting dinner meeting on the 23rd of March 2008 with some of the representatives from The University of Liverpool who were in Malaysia to recruit students. It was also the F1 race in Sepang and Ferrari’s Kimi won the race.


The good news is that the University and the City of Liverpool are going through subtle changes and transformation. It is probably in the same scale as the renaissance of the political landscape in Malaysia that happened on the 8th of March 2008. It is becoming unavoidable that we are faced with perpetual changes and hopefully all of them are for the better.


It was a historic moment as we agreed in principle that The University of Liverpool Malaysian Alumni Association (ULMAA) shall proceed as planned, with those alumni who have expressed strong interest in getting it going without any more unexpected disruptions or continuity. As the International Alumni Ambassador of Malaysia, it is better to remain in the advisory role, so that all potential leaders have the chance to contribute actively to the successful formation of ULMAA.


We need the representation from the alumni of the different decades in order to address the interests of the different age groups. At the moment, it looks all set to move forward and more alumni shall be invited to contribute to the Protem Committee, as well as the organizing committee for a grand re-union dinner to firm up the networking. Not necessarilyy a mother of all parties, but an occasion to rekindle not just the memory of the past but also a moment to provide the opportunity for caring, sharing and co-prosperity.


The university’s ranking in the Times Higher Education Supplement has been discussed, and of course we may not be too pleased with National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and a host of Australian universities ranking higher than The University of Liverpool. The consolation is that the University is still able to attract good students, more so with straight A’s for the medical degree. It is good to know that the university is ranked higher than all the Malaysian public and private universities.


We shall be interested in interviewing successful alumni, and feature them at this blog, so please come forward yourself or refer some others.



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