ULMAA (University of Liverpool Malaysia Alumni Association)

The Pathway to Co-prosperity

Dr. Yan-Goh Ng

Dr Yan-Goh Ng

 the unorthodox man whose personal number is 5 and is blessed with eight 5’s at birth 

Networking is one of the most powerful strategies for the 21st century, and shall be an important part of our life. In the spirit of association and comradeship, it is fulfilling to be in touch with the people we come to know through the common place of education or social economic platforms. It is good to be able to walk down the memory lane, and review what we could have done better given the additional knowledge and wisdom that we have accumulated over the years.

Dr. Yan-Goh Ng graduated from the University of Liverpool with a first class honours B.Eng. in Engineering Science & Industrial Management. He then continued to pursue his Doctor in Philosophy specialising in industrial management at the same university.

During his studies at the University, he was the President of the Malaysian Students’ Society as well as the International Students Club. He was also the Treasurer of the national Council of the Malaysian Students’ Societies in UK and Eire, and was instrumental in turning around the travel agency that was mismanaged by the previous student leaders.

Upon his return to Asia, he was a Master of Engineering lecturer at the National University of Singapore for less than two years. Thereafter, he was motivated to become a technopreneur involving with operations management education and consulting, as well as turnkey systems solutions provider. He was active in the politics for a number of years in Malaysia before opting it out due to the reluctance in adopting a new culture and way of life.

He was the President of a professional society involving with production and inventory control for a number of years. He was also the chief examiner of a professional society in purchasing and materials management for a number of years.

In the course of developing the business for MPICS/DB Business School, he has a number of strategic alliances with leaders in Manufacturing Planning & Control Systems (MPC), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II), Just In Time (JIT), Total Quality Management (TQM), Agility, Theory of Constraints (TOC), supply chain management (SCM). MPICS/DB Business School is the International Associate of APICS in Malaysia. APICS is The Association for Operations Management. MPICS/DB Business shall leverage and collaborate with other institution of higher learning as well as consulting firms to develop a center of excellence for supply chain management.

He is in the course writing two books, The Pathway to Co-prosperity and The Next Wave Enterprise. It is his goal to pursue his post-doctoral thesis if time and resources permit.

With his extensive and diverse exposure, experience and knowledge, he is willing to share with the alumni of University of Liverpool and the society at large.

He can be contacted at yangoh@pc.jaring.my or info@mpics.org via e-mail or +6017 363 8888 through the mobile phone directly. Websites: www.mpics.org  www.db.com.my  Management blog: www.mpicsdb.blogspot.com.


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