ULMAA (University of Liverpool Malaysia Alumni Association)

The Pathway to Co-prosperity

Welcome to the Malaysian Alumni Association of Liverpool

Dear Alumni,

It is a great pleasure to be officially appointed as the Alumni Ambassador for Malaysia of the University of Liverpool. One of the missions is to establish a permanent organisation for the Malaysian alumni to have the platform to network with one another.

Networking is a powerful social acitivity and can be done in many different ways as a result of the rapid advancement in information technology and Internet. Physical face-to-face is a very powerful traditional form of keeping in touch. In view of the massive changes in the social economic landscape, and unprecendented mobility brought about by globalisation, communication in the virtual environment may become a way of life. This blog is set up to enable the basic capabilites to allow alumni to be able to leave notes. express opinions, develp new treads, voice views and opinions, or just simply saying hello to one another.

The initiative to have the permanent alumni association is primarily to enable the past graduates and postgraduates from Liverpool to be able to have a common platform to interact, communicate, share, care and help one another in any issues or life events publicly or privately. This is in line with the spirit of co-prosperity (Dr. Ng is in the process of writing his book on The Pathway to Co-prosperity).

We want to use this platform to publish and inform the alumni of the achievement of each and everyone. This will give each and everyone the opportunity to share with the others their academic background, career achievements, professional accomplishments, charity deeds and other notable awards as well as recognitions.

If you are interested in being part of the working committee or just member, please contact me to get things up and running.

Dr. Yan-Goh Ng,

Ph.D. (Liverpool), B.Eng.(First Class Honours)(Liverpool)

Alumni Ambassador for Malaysia of the University of Liverpool

Management blog: www.mpicsdb.blogspot.com

Business websites: www.db.com.my


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